How To Choose A Satisfactory Electric Transfer Cart?

May 09, 2022
First, you need to plan the electric transfer cart, the weight of the goods or items carried, and the size of the electric transfer cart table (of course, if you provide the seller with information such as the specifications, dimensions, and shape of the goods or items), They can help you better design the size of the car and reduce your budget.
Second, you need to ask the running speed of the cart, the frequency of use, the running distance and the track gauge you need (if the track type).
Third, if it is a rail type, it is necessary to know the power supply mode of the rail transfer cart, the limit of climbing, and whether there are special requirements (such as explosion-proof requirements, waterproof requirements, anti-corrosion requirements, cold resistance, high temperature, etc.).
Fourth, when the final transaction is made, you should check in detail whether the final drawing is the same as the electric transfer cart in your heart, and see the qualification of the manufacturer and the technical team.
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