What Are The Functions Of Heavy-Duty Agv?

October 13, 2022

The AGV is composed of a combination of automatic guidance system, automatic loading and unloading system, communication system, safety system and management system. The automatic guided vehicle system (AGVS) has become the mainstream of logistics and transportation in today's flexible manufacturing system (FMS) and automated warehousing system.AGVS is mainly used in the conveying link to facilitate automated management, improve system flexibility and flexibility, and improve production efficiency.Today I will introduce four common functions in agv carts.

 1. Route Planning

 The AGV can work 24 hours a day. Through the AGV system, the AGV can automatically plan the route during driving, which can effectively and quickly improve the efficiency of cargo handling. The main tasks are supply, pick-up, weighing, battery charging, autonomous navigation, etc.

 2. System Adaptation

 AGV is operated through MES, ERP system software, warehouse management system, WMS and other system software, and can be queried for the operation of AGV, operation history records, operation logs and other information.

 3. Fault Detection

 The AGV system software in the engineering project also has a sound fault detection function. Assuming that the AGV has an operating failure, the customer can query the AGV's operating status and operating logs according to the AGV monitoring system, and analyze and eliminate faults through these data.

 4. Intelligent Operation

 The AGV intelligent management system can record order information, implement order information, transmit relevant parameters and monitor. These daily tasks can be pushed from the AGV monitoring system.

 Compared with the handling methods of enterprises, AGV automatic handling robots are intelligent, flexible, and have a high level of automation. It promotes the progress of industrial automation technology, reduces labor intensity, reduces staffing, eliminates backward production processes and equipment, optimizes the production structure, and saves manpower, material and financial resources. Create a friendly, harmonious and pleasant, scientific and civilized production environment for man and machine.While obtaining good economic benefits for the enterprise, it has also obtained good social benefits.It is precisely because of this that AGV automatic handling robots can be widely used in various industries and fields.

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